Most homeowners do not think about pest products until they are facing down a pest control problem.  At this point, they have to make very important decisions regarding treating the problem, with little insight into the many products on the market, and how they will resolve the problem.  Depending on the type of pest problem, that will narrow down the types of products available. For instance, ant traps would not be useful for beetles, and mosquito traps for moths.  As if there weren’t enough products on the market for pest control, there are an equal number of products available for pest prevention that can be used inside and outside of the house.

The three most well known companies that sell pest products are Raid, Ortho, and Terro. With hundreds of products between them, as well as other lesser-known but equally great products out there, here is a quick primer on the best pest products.

Terro offers many different types of ant bait, which is great for eliminating the ant problem by poisoning the entire colony.  Many people kill ants as they see them, or utilize traps that do nothing to stop more ants from entering into your home. Raid Ant Killer 26 is another option to eliminate a colony and can be used to kill ants, crickets, roaches, silverfish, and spiders.

If looking to prevent an infestation while eliminating one, Raid Ant & Roach Barrier can be sprayed outside around the doors, windows, and foundation to keep ants, fleas, flies, gnats, roaches, ticks, silverfish, crickets, spiders, scorpions, mosquitoes, centipedes, fire bats, moths, stink bugs, sow  bugs, and beetles out of your home.  Meanwhile Ortho Home Defense  kills and prevents infestations inside and outside of the home with its’ easy to use application bottle.

Perhaps there is no scarier pest to find inside your home than bed bugs.  These hard to kill critters hide in hard-to-reach areas in furniture and fabrics.  The difficulty of getting ride of bed bugs is notable in there are limited products available on the market for them, and many of the products available, there is only a small level of success in eliminating the bed bugs from their homes.

Two products that, when used properly and with the proper cleaning of the house, are successes, are Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer and Raid Max Bed Bug & Flea Killer.  Both formulas can be used on furniture, mattresses, on carpeting, and other household surfaces without fear of damage or staining.  These sprays are more successful than bug bombs because it is possible to aim the chemicals directly into the hiding places preferred by bed bugs, but in order to be effective there needs to also be the vacuuming of all furniture and floors to eradicate eggs, scrubbing down all surfaces, and eliminating all of their hiding places.

When dealing with mosquitoes, the most important thing to do is to ensure that there are no pools of sitting water on your property.  Sitting water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Correcting any drainage issues that may exist on your property is the first step to removing these pests from around your home.  Ortho offers their Bug B Gon Insect Killer for Lawns & Gardens, while Terros Home Insect Killer targets more than 65 different types of insects, including mosquitoes.

Among household pests, after bed bugs, finding roaches would likely be the next most upsetting critter in see within the walls of your home.  Notoriously hard to kill, the best way to get rid of roaches is to never have them in the first place.  To prevent a roach infestation, store all food in air tight containers, make sure your screens do not have any tears or holes, and seal cracks and holes around the home.

To kill cockroaches, Ortho’s Ant & Roach Killer 1 kills by contact, and can be used on ants, roaches, spiders, ticks, carpet beetles, fleas, sow bugs, silverfish, and scorpions as well as stink bugs and Asian Lady Beetles.  Raid has multiple products available that all are very good at killing roaches while preventing another infestation.  Raid’s Ant & Roach Killer 26, Raid Max Spider & Scorpion Killer,  and Raid Max Ant & Roach all kill roaches, ants, spiders, and scorpions on contact.  For preventing roaches, Raid Max Bug Barrier Defense Marker is safe to use inside the home, in areas like kitchen sinks, back splashes, and bathrooms.  Raid also offers a childproof bait system, Double Control Small Roach Baits and Raid Plus Egg Stoppers that not only handle the problem of the roach, but the even bigger problem of their ability to quickly reproduce.

Flying insects, such as wasps and hornets, can make playing outside dangerous. Even deadly, if a child or adult has an allergy.  These aggressive insects need not be provoked in order to attack. They only need to feel a threat of attack before unleashing their stingers on unsuspecting humans that may have walked too close to their nest.

Getting rid of hornets and wasps can be nearly as dangerous as walking by the nest, but Terro’s Wasp & Hornet Killer uses a powerful aerosol canister that can spray up to 20 feet away, making it easier to reach hard to get to spots like eaves and trees, without having to get too close.  The foam spray coats the entire nest which ensures that everything inside dies.  Great for wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and mud daubers. The spray is safe for indoor or outdoor use.

Raid’s flying insect line of products is great for getting rid of most flying bugs, with the Flying Insect Killer 7 able to kill flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and hornets and safe to use inside and outside.  Raid’s Wasp & Hornet Killer 33 comes in a powerful canister, that doesn’t force you to get too close to the nest, putting you at risk, while killing the entire nest.  The formula has been designed to be electrically non-conducting up to 32,500 volts so if the nest is anywhere near  electrical lines there is no threat of electrocution.

Finally, if you are not suffering from a particularly bad case of pests outside, but want to make sure your backyard is bug-free for a barbecue or other backyard party, Raid’s Yard Guard Mosquito Fogger is a great product that covers a 30 by 30 feet areas, killing all flies, mosquitoes, non-biting gnats, moths, wasps, hornets, and multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles for a six hour period.

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