When confronted with a pest problem, homeowners may not have the wherewithal to shop for prices.  When facing a pest problem, or when looking for regular pest control services, the homeowner should ask around.  There is no shame in asking your neighbors what they spend to ensure their homes are safe from bugs.

Home Advisor, the leading resource to connect with the best home improvement contractors, found that nationally, costs vary greatly on insect control services.  From a low of $50 to a high of $529, the national average was $181 with most homeowners spending between $109 and $281.  Here is a regional breakdown of what costs look like across the country for one time service.

New York City, NY

The average cost in NYC is $261, with most homeowners spending between $157 and $377.  The lowest cost for insect control services was $100 and the highest was $700, likely indicating an exceptionally awful infestation.

Miami, FL

With most homeowners spending between $93 and $320 for pest control services, the average in South Florida was $190.  With a low of $49 and a high of $600, the cost of pest control in South Florida is similar to the national average.

Dallas, TX

With its’ hot summers and warm winters, Dallas is a hotbed of bugs and critters.  This does not translate to an exceptionally high cost though with the average reported cost of insect control services $183.  With a high of $695 and a low of $50, most homeowners spend between $87 and $280.

Phoenix, AZ

The Southwest has bugs that would make the rest of the country shudder, such as scorpions, that can infest trees, garages, and homes.  Homeowners in Phoenix, on average, spend $131 for insect control services. Most spend between $73 and $269 on such services.  With a low cost of $40 and a high of $583, getting rid of pests in Phoenix is not a massive financial commitment.

Chicago, IL

Pest control in the Midwest falls well below the national average.  In Chicago, the average reported cost is $166, with most homeowners spending between $128 and $228 with a low of $80 and a high of $350.  These low costs are not just found in Chicago, but also in Milwaukee, with the highest reported cost of $300, Indianapolis with a high cost of $315, and Minneapolis with an average of $167 paid by homeowners for pest control services, and a high of $400.

Portland, OR

Homeowners in Portland also are fortunate to have pest control services cost less than the national average.  Most homeowners spend between $138 and $246 for pest control services, with a low of $95 and a high of $300.

Los Angeles, CA

For homeowners in Los Angeles, they, like those in the Northeast and South, are faced with higher than average pest control service bills.  The average cost for services was $290 while the majority of homeowners spent between $129 and $454.  With a low of $90 and a high of $912, pest control services in Southern California can quickly accumulate.

For homeowners looking to commit to a service control with a pest control company, it is best to shop around to get the best price.  The Environmental Protection Agency offers useful guidelines for selecting a pest control service, including questions that homeowners should ask and things that homeowners need to be aware of in order to avoid scams.  The EPA strongly suggests both taking your time and doing your homework.

While homeowners may feel awkward asking around if others use a contracted pest control service, bugs are something that every homeowner will deal with.  Utilizing a pest control company to perform preventative pest control should be something to be proud of, not ashamed of.  Along with getting information about what friends and neighbors pay, the homeowner should get estimates from several companies prior to signing a long-term commitment.  Many companies even offer free cost estimations for your home.

Angie’s List highlights the cost of pest control services for a service contract. Those can range from $40 to $45 for a monthly treatment for an average sized house, while a semi-monthly service control could be as much as $50 or $60, more for bigger houses and less for smaller ones.

Some service providers offer an annual program that consists of three-treatments, meant to prevent pest infestations year round.  With a cost of approximately $145 for the first treatment, and then about $80 for the two remaining treatments, this works out to about $25 per month to ensure your house is totally protected.  Most reputable pest control companies will guarantee their work, coming out between services for infestations that were not eliminated or prevented.  This is just a sample pricing offered by Angie’s List; it is important to shop around and find the service provider that meets your needs and expectations in order to have a positive experience.

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